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The Reid Corporation

671 East Big Beaver Road

Troy, MI 48083

Office (248)353-4565

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The Reid Corporation's primary focus is commercial property. From vacant lots to historic buildings we are willing to work with our clients to provide the right setting for doing business. If you are looking for office, retail, or industrial space we would like to help support your business and the marketplace whether that be in an urban, suburban, or rural setting. We are also willing to remodel, update, or build to suit. We primarily do business throughout south eastern Michigan but are open to further outlying investment opportunities. Please contact us if you or your business is interested in investing in Michigan.

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W. G. Arthur "Art" Reid started what was then knows as The Atlas Finance Company in March of 1930. The purpose of his business as stated in the original articles of association was "To buy, sell, discount, and deal in real estate and real estate securities, to conduct an insurance agency, to transact, engage in, and carry on any and all kinds of mercantile, trading, contracting, commercial building, and real estate business, and any and all other kinds of business incidental, relating, pertaining to or connected with any one or all of the purposes and kinds of business herein-before mentioned". Reid invested in and developed property all over the metro Detroit area. Over the years that territory has grown to encompass all of south eastern Michigan.

Our company has always remained small. Art's wife Hilda and eventually their three sons William, Robert, and Paul comprised most of the additional shareholders in the company. However, Robert showed the most interest in doing business with his father and worked with him to become vice president on November 20th of 1945 and eventually president two days after his 29th birthday on December 28th 1946. Art stayed on as "Chairman of the Board". In 1959 the Reid Family decided their business needed a more personal name and changed it on September 30th to "The Reid Corporation". It then became time for the next generation to enter the job market. One of Robert's sons, Richard, started going to the office with his father and he has since worked his way to become the current president. Today The Reid Corporation is run by Art's grandsons Richard and Scott Reid, Joanne Locricchio, as well as Richard's son Michael making the business four generations strong.

The Majestic Building

The original offices of the company were at number 619 in The Majestic Building. Built in 1896 The Majestic was Detroit's second "skyscraper" and was located on the corner of Michigan and Woodward. The Majestic gained some notoriety in 1916 when Harry H. Gardiner, aka. "The Human Fly", scaled the building's exterior as a publicity stunt for the Detroit News. Just a year earlier the building lived up to its claim as fireproof when a fire that broke out on the top floor burned for two hours and never spread to other floors or damaged the buildings structure. The Majestic was torn down in 1962 to make room for The First Federal Building which now stands in its place. In The Reid Corporation's eighty plus years of operation the company has called home such other buildings as Book Tower on Washington Boulevard and The Architects Building on Brainard Street. The Reid Corporation currently has its offices in the Suburban Eleven Building in Southfield, Michigan.

The Reid Corporation

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